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After 29 years of being at the helm of one of the world's top ten zoos (Singapore Zoological Gardens and Night Safari) as CEO of Wildlife Reserves Singapore (Mandai Wildlife Group), I decided it was time to find wings and embark on a career in the world of private business.


I set up Bernard Harrison & Friends Ltd in 2002, a consultancy business with Tina Lim. We are both Principle Partners of the firm, with Tina overseeing Business and Operations and I covering Creativity and Design.

As a Team, BH&F provides expertise in the conceptualization and development of Zoological and Botanical Gardens and Eco-Tourism Attractions with the present focus in Concept Design, Master Planning, Development and Business Operations of such projects.

One unique aspect of our operations is the Creative Design process. This process brings together industry top talents in the form of 'Friends' from multi-disciplines around the world. Put together, they give BH&F a unique mix of competencies, where projects are carefully worked through in Creative Design Workshops - through brainstorming sessions, in pursuit of innovative, lateral and creative ideas for concepts.

- Bernard Harrison


...growing into a company has been a fascinating route of learning that's still paving onwards...

What has come out of this is the understanding that we have a collective and common ethic, we call our Values, which are:


  • To always aim to be creative and lateral in our concepts

  • To develop concepts and designs that are:

    • environmentally sound

    • aesthetically pleasing

    • both ecologically and financially sustainable

    • operationally practical

  • We maintain a deep respect for all life - human, animal and plant life

  • We support and abide by international charters and conventions on conservation and biodiversity

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